A1 Mini Storage

A1 Mini Storage is a secure facility to store anything you want.  We strive on providing a low cost and high quality facility.  The complex has several different storage options:

  • 5’x10′ Garage
  • 10’x10′ Garage
  • 10’x15′ Garage
  • 10’x20′ Garage
  • 10’x30′ Garage
  • 10’x40′ Garage
  • Secure Outdoor Storage
  • Address: Forest Lake, Minnesota 
  • Phone Number: 651-982-9017 

Lease Terms

Month-To-Month Month-to-month leases give the renter the greatest flexibility and freedom with his or her stay. Month-to-month leases have no penalty fees for leaving the unit early and are generally the best option for most renters. These leases require a written notice submitted at least one month before you want to move out.